What do you like best about our school?

  • My son is respected by teachers and other school administrators. ..a very good environment

  • The size of the student body and the student/teacher ratio.

  • The goal that everyone will be prepared for college, whether they go or not.

  • The variety of courses available to high school students. Safe environment for teaching and learning. Communication to parents is excellent.

  • Acceptance to school of choice kids. My son has gone to twp schools up until this year. He started a new school with little or no friends and has not a single complaint about how he has been treated by the kids or adults. We feel the move to Swan Valley school was a great decision.

  • The staff is very pleasant and understanding.

  • My child is challenged

  • There is a strong sense of community support, family involvement and all teachers, faculty and administrators truly care about the students’ success.

  • Love the technology, iPads, computers, etc. Sense of community.

  • I love that Swan Valley staff members – in all areas – truly care about our students in AND out of the classroom. They encourage academics, but also demonstrate the importance of citizenship and caring for our community as a whole. So many activities outside the school focus our students on this. Even the fiscal responsibilities of our school board and administrators are a good example to our students. I also like that our students feel safe, and our schools are like one big family.

  • That the school is always moving forward with technology (I.e. iPads, these surveys, email notifications, and registration).

  • The teachers and principal that help my son learn even though he has a disability

  • Friendly approachable staff.

  • Praise students for academics and not just athletics

  • Facilities are clean, respectful students when you enter building, community support and involvement, positive academics, secretaries super helpful and kind, midyear open house to meet new teachers.

  • That I do not worry about my child during the day while she is at school. The school is as safe as they can make it. Her teachers are also very supportive of her as well.

  • The genuine concern for the academic success of my child.


What do you like best about your school?

  • The new technology and the way the teachers are using it to better our learning.

  • The staff is very friendly and willing to assist.

  • How going to Swan Valley makes you feel like part of a family.

  • Most of the teachers I have had so far I’ve liked. You can tell they actually care about their students.

  • It has a fantastic range of technology to use and learn with, and a lot of the teachers like using it.

  • Ipads

  • It’s safe, the community is close-knit, and the possibilities are endless.

  • There is a variety of classes that can suit to most skills people have.

  • I can come here and be safe and teachers genuinely care about my education.

  • Nothing in particular, but it is a really great school. Staff and students are all great, subjects are taught well and all academic performance is rewarded much like athletic performance.

  • That everybody treats me with respect teachers and students I like the whole district because I was new here and I never would of thought how nice everybody here truly is.

  • Social barriers are not as strong as other schools, anyone can hang out with anyone.

  • I like how the scheduling is and how we can choose the classes that we want to take.

  • I like how the scheduling is and how we can choose the classes that we want to take.

  • I love the extracurricular activities that are available to me. There is a wide variety and sometimes it’s hard to pick just a few so I’m not overwhelmed.


What do you like best about Swan Valley Middle School?

  • Friendly and supportive school

  • Family orientated atmosphere

  • Technology is top-notch, which is needed in today’s world.

  • Friendly faculty that I can go to anytime with questions about my child’s grades, homework, etc.

  • Swan Valley has been wonderful with my son. He started going there when he start preschool at Scooby Doo there and he a flourished. He is an Honor roll student and Is in the Possible Dream Program out at Delta. He was nominated for that program at Swan Valley. I cannot say enough great things about Swan Valley.

  • We love swan valley school district, love that my child has gone there since kindergarten. We feel he is in a safe environment and we are updated on his grades. He is offered different opportunities based on his interest.

  • The culture and excellence of education

  • Everything – great Staff!

  • Great use of technology. Safe environment. Friendly & Outgoing staff who look out for the best interest of the students.

  • Weekly reports from skyward

  • The teachers are very involved and the communication with them has been outstanding!! I graduated from SV in 1988 and so happy my daughter is now attending it is a great community!

  • That you have a counselor available.

  • The new security, the open door policy with teachers, and the willingness to support parent decisions in regards to their child.

  • Electronic Grade Reporting

  • The staff, administration and the community in general. I am proud to have my kids attend SV They feel safe to ask for help.

  • After School Activities

  • Best school district there is!


What do you like best about Swan Valley Middle School?

  • That some people are nice to almost everyone and there are not bullies here at all!!!

  • The rotations and library

  • Having good teachers.

  • I love my math teacher and the iPad!

  • The after school activities like the painterly pottery and the different strategies the teachers use.

  • I like that they treat you with respect here

  • The fact that we have good and new technologies

  • Assemblies, field trips, speakers, Career Day, and online learning with iPad technology are useful. Support groups and counseling services are helpful.

  • Teacher and student connection

  • I like that its safe and I can learn because the teachers teach well.

  • Science experiments

  • The new ways that teachers are using to teach us (iPads, Apple TV, online work)

  • This school has nice teachers who work hard to teach us and to make sure we know what we need to for high school.

  • I like that I can walk into school and not worry about anything going wrong or my day being ruined by a rude student.

  • That the students respect each other.

  • I like the environment.

  • That they provide good lunches.


What do you like best about Swan Valley Middle School?

  • I feel that I have the freedom to make decisions in my classroom while having the support from administration.

  • Parent support of teachers and staff and that they trust in what we are doing here.

  • Safety/positive/clean environment

  • The resources we have and how open-minded and supportive administrators are to allow teachers to explore new teaching practices. Overall, our staff members are very caring. Overall, our students are respectful and care about their teachers. 

  • I like that our school is a positive and supportive environment for students, families and staff.

  • Physical environment and supportive staff along with newest technology

  • I really like the environment we have at SVMS. The students are held at high standards when it comes to behavior and expectations. We have a caring staff who put students’ needs first.

  • All the great technology we have for our students.

  • The desire for obtaining a high level of student achievement by all teachers.

  • New leadership

  • Learning expectations are clear and stressed often

  • iPads

  • The students

  • Community atmosphere

  • Safe friendly environment


What do you like best about our school?

  • That my children enjoy going to school everyday.

  • I like the community atmosphere, I like the added focus on science.

  • The caring staff and the academic growth in my children.

  • They allow parent activity, and they have boosted my child’s self confidence.

  • The staff – teachers & principal are amazing!!

  • My husband and I are thrilled that our children attend Shields Elementary!! Shields is a warm, welcoming, and safe environment where students can be successful. The effective management of programming and of students is key. Expectations of staff, students, and parents are high; yet, it’s these expectations, along with mutual respect, that make Shields Elementary a wonderful learning environment!!!!

  • The location and up to date technology

  • I appreciate and am grateful for the staff that works here. I enjoy the community that for the majority makes up our student body. There are high expectations for student behavior and success.


Working closely with grade level team. Collaborating with other grades

  • Hard working

  • The staff and families attending our school. The staff is constantly trying to improve for the better of our students.

  • Positive environment for students

  • I like the culture of our school. We truly know the kids and they know all of us. I feel that we do an exceptional job in analyzing data and building interventions tailored to student needs. Our building puts students first.

  • When I talk with other teachers from other districts, we are well organized and an informed staff on data and evaluation requirements.


What do you like best about our school?

  • I like that the staff works well together and supports one another.

  • The staff, students, families, and community work well together creating a safe, positive learning environment. High expectations are set for every child in our school, and with the appropriate teaching strategies and interventions, our students are very successful.

  • The atmosphere is generally good.

  • I like our staff and the relationship we have with our principal the most. Our staff gets along and works together very well. This allows us to provide the best learning environment for our students. Our principal is very easy to talk to, she is open minded to new ideas, and most of all, she is not a micro-manager. She respects us and our experience/expertise/education. As an educator, this makes you enthusiastic about what you do and it empowers you. There is a lot to be said for morale in a building.

  • Communication between administration and staff

  • Caring teachers and principal.

  • The size.

  • We all work together at our school. The staff and our principal are awesome. We have a wonderful relationship with each other. I feel the student benefit from our unity in our teaching and how the staff interacts. The principal treats us all equally.

  • Most of the staff is approachable

  • We have great kids and parent support!

  • I respect that our staff is bright, very educated, loves learning themselves and is eager to see as much growth and success as possible in every student.

  • The desire to be the best and the parent support

  • I love the people (students, staff, support staff, and the parents), the overall feel/atmosphere, the size, the location, the rigor, the expectations, the name it has made for itself.

  • It has a positive learning environment and teachers support and collaborate with each other on a regular basis across grade levels.