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Swan Valley Title I Parental Involvement Policy

Research tells us that parent involvement is beneficial to students. Parent involvement can lead to improved test scores and grades, better attendance, more homework completion, and a more positive attitude toward school.

Swan Valley encourages parental involvement for better teaching and learning for our students. Parents/Guardians are partners with the school in the development, both educational and social, of their children.

Responsibilities of the District/School

  • A school wide meeting will take place each year that explains Title I, Part A, to parents. The Parent Involvement Plan will be presented and revised as needed. The plan will be posted on the district website to provide parents the chance to offer feedback and suggestions.

  • Require Title I schools to form a School Improvement Planning Committee that includes parent participation.

  • Require Title I schools to make available to parents current information about school performance data. It will include assessments and proficiency levels in a language parents can understand.

  • A flexible schedule of meetings will be offered.

  • Provide support to parents to become more involved in their child’s learning and to be able to help their child at home.

  • Establish a school/child/parent compact to make a partnership with all.

  • Make available a Title I teacher to assist parents as needed.

Parental Involvement Includes:

  • Talking with your children about the importance of daily attendance, a positive attitude, completion of assignments, and appropriate behaviors.

  • Discussing an appreciation for a sound education and an individual responsibility for learning.

  • Attending school functions and events, including parent/teacher conferences and open houses.

  • Volunteering for events, committees, and classroom help.