If your child has failed a class during the school year and has not already been signed up, here is a link to sign your child up for Summer School:

If your child needs their iPad for the summer to complete summer school, please use this link to check out their iPad:

Here is the link for information about Summer School and how it will work:

Please remember that students will have a zoom open and available to them during the day and it would be wise that they use any assistance from teachers during this time.  We understand that students have work, drivers training, appointments and vacations planned during these weeks so they cannot attend all zooms.  Please remind your child to email their teacher and let them know that they will not be present on the zoom that day.  All tests MUST be taken on zoom.  If your child completes their class prior to the summer school deadline, they can then be done with summer school unless they are taking a second class.  Please only pay for one class at a time as these courses are self-paced and completion will be based upon each individual student.  I will be determining which class they will take so they is no need for you to worry about which course they need prior to signing them up. Please make checks out to:  Swan Valley School District for $100.00 and drop off at the high school office.  All payments must be received by Wednesday, June 15th for your child to be enrolled.

If you have any questions please send me a separate email so that it doesn’t get lost on a thread.

Have a great summer! Ms. Hanson